First Aid & CPR

Regulation 1101 legislates that all workplaces need to have trained workers in First Aid & CPR. The size of the workplace and number of shifts determines how many people need to be trained. According to the Act, the first-aiders must work close to the first-aid kit. It is generally recommended to have at least a ratio of one in ten to one in twenty - if not more - trained in first-aid and CPR per shift. Several of our clients believe that this is such an important and worthwhile course that they offer the training to all of their employees.

For most companies it involves a two day training course for a Standard First Aid Certificate. We also offer the one day Emergency First Aid Certificate course. Our trainers are recognized by the WSIB as well as being certified trainers with The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Safety Diligence offers an informative, interactive First Aid and CPR course customized to suit your organization. Courses can be conducted on-site with a minimum number of 8 participants. We offer flexibility in scheduling.

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