Health & Safety Program Management

Including Health & Safety Training, Safety Programs and Policies, WSIB Management and Emergency Response Plans

Do you have a Joint Health & Safety Committee?

Does your committee have the tools and experience necessary to deliver a good return on time invested?

Are you aware of the real cost of your lost-time accidents?

Do you understand the costs associated with MOL fines and charges for non-compliance to legislation?

Do your workers respond to training with enthusiasm and improved job performance?

Are you expecting a rebate this year on NEER charges?

Do you have a formal plan in place for emergencies such as floods, fire, contagious disease and others?

If you answered "NO" to any of the above questions then Safety Diligence can help.

For over a decade Safety Diligence has been helping companies like yours avoid these unnecessary costs through our passion for safety, proven programs and detailed documentation of results.

At Safety Diligence we have developed a complete, practical and cost-effective approach for assessing and meeting your needs which offers:

  • Assessment of your Workplace
  • Program Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs
  • Implementation and Follow-through
  • On-going Monitoring and Maintenance

Safety Diligence can work with you to identify your overall Health & Safety requirements and then work with you to design, implement and maintain a program that meets your specific needs.