Joint Health & Safety Committee

The Ontario Health & Safety Act requires any workplace with more than 20 employees to have a Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) with both worker and management representatives educated in the Ontario Health & Safety Act in order to monitor, manage and improve the safety of the workplace.

Our experience has been that these well-intentioned volunteers struggle to perform the legislated duties of the OSHA in addition to their full-time jobs.

Safety Diligence offers programs to support the committee and meet the legislated requirements using a proven approach that delivers timely, cost-effective and fully-documented results.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Programs:

  • Meeting Management
    • Scheduling of audits, meetings, documented minutes and resulting action items, follow up on assigned activities
  • Workplace Inspection
    • Walkthrough plants, offices and other work areas with your Worker representative once per month to identify potential hazards
  • Accident Investigation
    • Assist Worker representative with investigation of accidents/incidents to arrive at root cause, document findings, create action plan for prevention and prove "due diligence"
  • Work Stoppages
    • Assist committee members in their efforts to reach a mutually acceptable solution, preferably without involving the Ministry of Labor - play the role of mediator as needed
    • Once resolution has been reached help all involved parties put the incident in the past and move on productively

For nearly a decade Safety Diligence has been helping companies like yours avoid these unnecessary costs through our passion for safety, proven programs and detailed documentation of results.