Words from a few happy clients:

"It has been a pleasure working with you over the past several years. We have been very happy with all of the progress we have made. As you know, Meadowvale Ford has had other Safety Consultants come in to work with us on our safety issues. It is refreshing to find a professional who understands our needs and delivers what they promise at a reasonable rate."

"We have used the services of Veronica Vito for about three years. She has proven to be an important part of our safety committee. Her knowledge and professionalism are top notch.

We struggled for years with our own in-house committee. It also gives our staff someone to report to, making the committee a more serious commitment."

"Veronica was responsible for the well-being of 1000 employees at our site in Newmarket. This included reviewing any new chemicals or processes introduced into production, air quality testing, safety manual updates and WSIB liaison. Her passion and commitment were apparent in the training sessions conducted with our staff, making them feel confident and comfortable when assisting others."

"Ms. Vito has been our Safety Consultant for several years. With Veronica's guidance we continue to be compliant with all required safety training and documentation We have a comprehensive Safety Program that is applicable to our specific business.

With the increasing number of Ministry of Labour inspectors assigned to our sector, having all of our safety issues in order has given our staff considerable peace of mind."

"Veronica Vito has advised me on the compliance of businesses with the regulations and requirements of the Ontario Health and Safety Act. Veronica has then made recommendations on what must be done for businesses to comply when they don't.

Knowing whether a business employs the best health and safety practices in their respective industries can be an important fact in a financing decision depending on the industry. With Veronica's work experience and her professional certification, I have the highest respect for her knowledge and abilities. I have no hesitation in providing a reference for Veronica."

"Veronica Vito has been a very welcome addition to the Flexmaster Team. Veronica is one of the most self-motivated people I have ever worked with. Her "get things done" attitude assures us that we are getting good value for our safety dollars."

"With the increasing number of Ministry of Labour inspectors assigned to our sector, having all of our safety issues in order has given me considerable peace of mind. Ms. Vito has been practical, reasonable and very accomodating considering the "on call" nature of the business. I know Veronica can be as helpful to your business as she has been to ours."

"We most recently had our first visit by a Ministry of Labour inspector. Due to the combined efforts of Veronica, our worker rep and myself we passed with flying colours. No orders were left. As the fixed operations manager, the relief of knowing that we are now compliant and well informed of our duties under the Health and Safety Act is very welcome."