WSIB Claims Management

Increased NEER rates and surcharges are based upon the number and frequency of accidents in the workplace. These surcharges and fines can be avoided by having an efficient and cost-effective Health & Safety Program.

Often companies and their employees are so busy with the day-to-day demands of their business that they do not have the time required to pro-actively implement programs to manage these risks. Or they may not be aware of the costs involved. Instead they just pay the increased premiums, surcharges and claim costs as they arise. Remember, premiums are going up every year.

Safety Diligence helps companies reduce their accidents, premiums and surcharges by designing and helping implement a customized Modified Work Program encouraging Early Return to Work for injured workers. The result is significant cost-savings by drastically reducing the high WSIB administration costs associated with each claim.

A very simple example:

A worker hurts his back and is off work for 3 weeks and the WSIB pays:

  • $200 in healthcare costs (e.g. physiotherapy)
  • $1800 (3 weeks wages at $600 per week)
  • $2000 total

The employer will then have to pay the WSIB:

  • $500 in healthcare costs (physiotherapy)
  • $4500 (3 weeks wages)
  • $5000 total

If the same employee was encouraged and enabled to return to Modified Work after only 1 week the company would save $3,000 of that $5,000.

Safety Diligence WSIB Claims Management:

  • 5 WHY investigations targeting the root cause (accidents/incidents)
  • Company-run Modified Work Program
  • Supervisor training for timely implementation of Modified Work Program
  • Annual audit of accidents/incidents (identify patterns and fix)
  • On-going monitoring and administrative support of claims

Safety Diligence can work with you to identify your overall Health & Safety requirements and then work with you to design, implement and maintain a program that meets your specific needs.