WSIB Claims Management
  • Have you had a recent accident?
  • Has Workwell put you on the list for a MOL Performance Review due to higher accidents than the average in your industry?

Are you aware of the WSIB premium surcharges, penalties and fines?

  • Has your company received a penalty related assessment from the WSIB?
  • Do you receive rebates or do you pay surcharges under your Rate Framework?

Most businesses in Ontario must register with the WSIB within 10 days of hiring their first employee. WSIB insurance replaces lost earnings, covers work-related injury and illness health care costs and supports return to work. This is funded by industry-specific insurance premiums that you pay monthly. Companies with the safest workplaces are rewarded by the WSIB through rebates and reduced premiums.

Often companies are so busy with the day-to-day demands that they do not have the time required to pro-actively implement programs to manage these risks. They may not even be aware of the costs involved. Increased rates, surcharges and annual premiums are the direct costly result of an inefficiently managed Health & Safety Program.

Safety Diligence assists companies in reducing accidents, premiums and surcharges – and avoiding a WSIB Performance Review – by designing and helping with the implementation of a Modified Work Program. This program encourages Early Return to Work for injured workers and results in a drastic reduction of WSIB administration costs associated with each claim.

“In a very short time Veronica assessed our needs and worked with us to complete the necessary projects to bring us to an overall 80% scoring on our Workwell Audit with commendations from WSIB.”
Peter Osborne
General Manager, Tri-Service Metal Products Inc.

WSIB Premiums and Lost Time Injury

Did you know that the direct cost (WSIB premiums) of a new lost time injury (of a 7- to 8-day duration) in 2007 was on average $21,300?

By 2019, the direct cost had gone up to $40,000 (according to the National Council on Compensation Insurance’s for Workers Compensation) or almost double the cost.

This does not include indirect cost of each (LTI) including rehiring, training, lost productivity, etc., which was $85,200 in 2007, and is much higher now.

If your workplace is unsafe, so is your bottom line. 

Safety Diligence WSIB Claims Management includes:

  • 5 WHY investigations targeting the root cause (accidents/incidents)
  • Company-run Modified Work Program
  • Supervisor training for timely implementation of Modified Work Program
  • Annual audit of accidents/incidents (identify patterns and respond accordingly)

On-going monitoring and administrative support of claims.

Serving small and midsized businesses in the GTA and north through the Georgian Triangle